“We are not the only ones on this land. We share it with the animals” (Nuu Chah Nulth).

The Ancient Forests

As seen throughout Hesquiaht art – totems, painting and woodworking and oral traditions and spirituality the Hesquiaht have a deep connection to animals.    

Hesquiaht lands and territories are rich in biodiversity.  Black bears snack on berries, foliage, and fish.

Shy and rare Island grey wolves quietly grace the ancient forests and cougars and eagles rest atop the sweeping canopy of trees.

Rich in Biodiversity

Rainforest mammals thrive upon a diet of deep green vegetation and readily available nutritious marine life. Here, land and sea nourish hundreds of species of sea and land mammals such as whales, sea lions, sea otters, bears, cougars, wolves, and a host of smaller mammals such as local and migrating birds, insects, and fish 

Whales - orcas, grey and humpback seek out refuge within the many deep inlets to rest, feed and give birth. Every year, the Salmon Run takes place as the Salmon return to spawn. We believe this to be the life force of our forest and for our wildlife.