“We are not the only ones on this land. We share it with the animals” (Nuu Chah Nulth).

Spirits of the Animals

The bear spirit, the wolf spirit, frog, raven and thunderbird. The Hesquiaht know that all living things, including the animals, have a spirit and this must be deeply respected. Endangered and rare animals find refuge here, such as grey wolves and whales. Several species of whales - orcas, grey and humpback find protection within the many deep inlets to rest, feed and give birth. Black bears snack on berries, foliage, and fish. Shy and rare Vancouver Island grey wolves quietly grace the ancient forests and cougars, eagles and a myriad of chattering birds rest atop the sweeping canopy of trees. 

The Sea and Rainforest - Food and Protection

The rockier coastlines of Clayoquot Sound are covered in lichens, seaweed and teem with fish. The beaches reach out to the lush green vegetation of the rainforest, providing plentiful nutritious marine and plant life. In autumn, salmon leave the sea and begin the arduous swim up river to their place of birth to spawn and die. This cycle is a smorgasbord for all who live within this biosphere. Freshwater rivers and streams are central to animal life. Bears fatten up for winter's hibernation, and birds compete for the delicious roe. The great trees of the rainforest provide nutrition and homes. A  shelter where animals find mates, give birth and rear their young so that the cycle of life for all the animals of Clayoquot Sound continues to flourish.