Our Values

Hesquiaht Cultural Pride

We are Stewards of the Land. We are Stewards of the Sea. We are the Whaling People. We are the Hesquiaht and we live where the mountains meet the sea

The Right to Self Determination

It is important that we seek to ensure Hesquiaht culture is documented, preserved and continued.

We love and respect our elders in every way. They are the keepers and teachers of ancestral Hesquiaht knowledge, language, spirituality and medicine. We encourage the children to listen and learn from their stories and their wisdom so that they may one day pass on the same, to their grandchildren.

 We encourage love, respect, kindness and helpfulness towards each other.

As a First Nation, we share our knowledge of stewardship with others so that may have an awakening and move away from traditional colonialist attitudes and towards sustainable development.

All life is interconnected

Hesquiaht seeks to heal and forgive, each in our own time, so that we may be strong and healthy as we embrace our right to self-determination.

We are warriors who keep watch upon the mountains, rivers, ocean, trees, and wildlife of our ancestral lands and territories and we will object to all those who has intent to harm them.   

 We know there is a spirit in all things and all life is interconnected in a sacred cycle whose balance must be preserved and maintained