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Merry Christmas Hesquiaht:

It is with huge regret that Hesquiaht First Nation will not be able to do the annual Christmas dinner as planned. There is no replacement for the interactions between our huge Hesquiaht families, but with the safety precautions that will be in place this holiday season Hesquiaht Chief and Council and our administration team in Hot Springs Cove would like to give all Hesquiaht members a virtual gift card. There are applications attached that will need to be filled out by each Hesquiaht member in order to receive this gift. The applications will be available to all Hesquiaht members from December 9th 2020 until December 15th 2020 in order to be processed. Every Hesquiaht member including men, woman, and children are eligible for this gift. We understand this is a very short timeframe, so we encourage everyone to help spread the word to all of your Hesquiaht friends and family. Merry Christmas everyone be well and stay safe. We wish everyone health and safety during this holiday season and look forward to better days ahead hen we can come back together in celebration.

Happy Holidays on behalf of Hesquiaht Chief and Council and our Wonderful administration team in Hot Springs Cove  

How members can obtain forms:

Online Gift Card Application  Fill out the form below and click submit.

  • Fill out the form below and click submit.
  • Emails will be sent if we have your email address 
  • Hesquiaht Unity Facebook Page “or” website (Fill out the form below and press Submit) 

Call the office

  • Monday or Wednesday between 8:30 to Noon and receptionist will take your information over the phone. 1-877-232-1100